Your App’s Success Starts with the Icon

Designing your app icon is an important part of your apps success. Apple’s App Store offers approximately 500,000 apps and now with Appifier making it simple for anyone with a WordPress site to build their own native apps in minutes we should expect that number to increase exponentially.
We want you all to have much success with your app and step one begins with your icon.
An icon is a graphic image, that represents a word, object, concept or operation. The goal of your icon is so that it’s design stands-out from the crowd and conveys a simple and clear pictorial message about your app. We suggest you avoid including words when possible, your app icon will always be presented with the name of the application. Or at the very least keep the typography very minimal.

There’s no need to design your icon with rounded corners. When publishing your app, Apple will automatically crop your icon so that it has rounded corners. Another thing to note is that Apple gives you the option to add their standard gloss to your icon when submitting it to the App Store. But it’s not mandatory, so please test out that effect and make sure you choose what works best to ensure your app icon “pops” and is not lost in the shuffle of other glossy icons.

So keep your app icon simple and clear, but don’t confuse it with being plain looking. Make it sharp looking with details and don’t lose sight of the objective. Your icon is the first and most important encounter with your product, don’t hold back – make it something to remember.


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