Appifier iOS7 iPhone5 in hand

Free PSDs to Help You Design a Fresh App Icon for iOS 7

Last week’s announcement of iOS 7 shook things up for app developers everywhere. The world learned that it would finally be getting a refreshed take on the user interface that brought smartphones to the masses. 

The change is striking as you can see in the screenshot below. Gone are the textures and heavy typography that have graced millions of iOS devices around the world. They’ve been replaced by colors and elegant typography using a thinner sans-serif, HelveticaNeue-Ultra-Thin.

iOS6 versus iOS7 homescreen comparison

These visual changes mean that app makers need to be ready to provide a fresh new look and feel for their apps before the release of iOS 7. The first step in this freshening process is to evaluate how an app’s existing icon fits into the new homescreen.

In iOS 7, the home screen tends to have a brighter, more colourful feel by default. The geometry of icons themselves have changed. Icons are bigger, at 120x120px and have corners that are rounder with a border radius of 26px.

ios 6 versus iOS 7 icons comparison

However, the most interesting change to iconography in iOS 7 is what lies beneath the pixels. Apple has provided a great grid system for laying out your app icon.

We’ve created a handy PSD based on this grid to help you lay out your icons and combine it with all the stock background colours (white, gray, black, red, purple and blue gradients) as well as a few of our own styles to help you experiment with your icon design.

iOS 7 Icon Grid Appifier App Icon PSD

While we were working with Photoshop, we also built another PSD that allows you to frame your app icon in a high resolution iPhone5 image so that you can get a sense of how your app will look once it hits iOS 7 this fall.

iPhone5 iOS7 PSD

Get started and download your iOS 7 icon and home screen PSDs here so you can design an app icon that rocks. If you’ve read this far and liked what you saw, check out our product that lets you build native mobile apps for WordPress sites, Realtors and Events without writing a single line of code.

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